1935 The beginn of the preparatory works for a future military airport.

June 1935 It were 172 acres of land purchased, and the fence and the railway connection built.

1th of July 1936 The full service operation begins.

2nd of May 1944 Air attacks on the Aerodrome.

12th – 14th of May in 1945 In a remarkable action was flown all former prisoners of war from the aerodrome Barth to England by the 8th Army of the U.S. Air Force.

1957 to 1990

1957 Reactivation of the airfield by the former Lufthansa of the German Democratic Republic. The airport is a commercial airport for domestic flights to the airports Berlin-Schönefeld, Leipzig, Erfurt and Dresden..

1965 Renaming from Lufthansa to Interflug.

Summer of 1965 Construction of depots.

1973 76.000 passengers  took off and landed in Barth..

1975 Adjustment of the air services of security reasons (political)  and disassembly of the navigation systems.

1975 to 1990 Stationing of agricultural flight at the airport.

1990 to 2004

23th of January 1990 The first small aircraft of the general aviation was arrived at the airport in Barth. It comes from Hamburg..

27th of June in 1991 The company “Ostseeflughafen-Stralsund-Barth GmbH” was founded for the operations of an airport. General and business aviation are possible.

2004 to today

May 2010 The old airport building will be demolished.

25. April 2012 The new airport terminal celebrates its inauguration. It was handed over for operation.